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 Lyne Pelagia Noctiluca[ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Lyne Pelagia Noctiluca[ACCEPTED]   30/1/2017, 02:29

Character Profile

Lyne Pelagia Noctiluca
Miss Jellyfish


Sexual Orientation:Lesbian (preference for human ladies)
Species:Mermaid- Jellyfish

Job:Biology teacher
Social Class:Mid-upper class
Magic use:Basic mermaid water magic
Religion/Main god:Pretty religious, worships The Mermaid mainly.


As most mermaids, Lyne's human features tend to be what one would consider really pretty. Thanks to her metabolism, she looks younger than she is, with a round face, fairly dainty nose and long eyelashes framing almond shaped eyes. She is fairly thin, a fairly common thing on current days merfolks as they do not eat their favorite preys anymore- humans, and therefore tend to not get the same good amount of nutrition. Her skin is the same sort of slightly transparent, shiny pale pink as her lower body.
In pure merfolks fashion, she tends to dress in short revealing outfits that would be considered shocking if she wasn't in fact one of her kin ; other species have however gotten used to the merfolk's lack of shame when it came to exposing their bodies, and she actually is one to dress more conservatively than most of her fellows.
Her lower body looks by all mean like a jellyfish , and very much has the same physical properties. She is venomous and has to trade carefully to avoid accidentally murdering someone with her tentacles.
When treading on land, which she often does due to her job, she tends to go around in a wheelchair bathtube hybride of sort. A big bucket made out of wood filled with water and neatly covered with a leather sheet to keep her tentacles well tucked in, all of this mounted on wheels serve as her main mean of locomotion. Her upper body often sticks out and she can use her arms to move it easily enough.
Her hair are cut short in a boyish fashion that again make her stand out a little due to said wheeled-bathtube, as her longer hair used to get caught in the wheels and cause her a lot of trouble.

Distinctive signs:
Wheeled bathtube- Jellyfish tentacles- Pink skin


Lyne is a friendly person by nature ; having left her native sea to meet new people, she has found a good place she felt she belonged at in the Academy. Her relationship with fellow merfolks is fairly good in general despite her preference for human company, whom she finds fascinating.
Her other obvious trait is her love for knowledge ; one of her main motivation to leave was a thirst for it, and she learned all sort of things by exploring the town and joining the Academy as a student first. Her interest in sciences make her a bit of an odd lady, though her general behavior as a fish out of the sea definitely is what makes her stand out the most.
Like a lot of the merfolks, she tends to be a little vain and spends a lot of time taking care of her own appearance despite it not being necessary ; she also tends to be a little too self-centered and doesn't always understand boundaries, used to the more open and friendly ways of her kin.
She still is a good caretaker, and genuinely cares for the younger students at the Academy despite her unconventional ways.

Born in a wealthy clan under the sea close to Oakenshore, Lyne quickly developped an interest in the world around her. Instead of settling for a fellow nice jellyfish dude, she started developping an acute interest in humans and eventually gave up on living with her clan to try and explore the world above grounds.
At first lost in the town, she wandered down a stream all the way to the Academy after hearing of it. There she managed to enroll herself despite the difficulty of getting around a place not suited for her kin, and learned all sort of theorical things she enjoyed. Once old enough to leave, she decided to stay instead and further her interest in biology, becoming a teacher after showing quite a talent for understanding how bodies work. While it's a very new field, she still seems to really enjoy it and is hoping for a breakthrough.
Her liking for humans made her accept the fact she would likely never have children of her own, which is a sacrifice she is willing to make. She still can often be seen helping the youngest members of the student body out with anything they may need.



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Lyne Pelagia Noctiluca[ACCEPTED]
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