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 Frey Raposa-Vermelha[ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Frey Raposa-Vermelha[ACCEPTED]   10/2/2017, 19:23

Character Profile

Frey Raposa-Vermelha


Sexual Orientation:Bisexual

Social Class:Lower Class
Magic use:None
Religion/Main god:None


Despite being a boy, Frey has very girlish feature and often mistaken as a girl at first. His body is short and small. He has big  cat-like amber eyes which can glow green when light is shone into them at night. His hair are red-colored and always tied on his back so it won't disturb his activity. As a hybrid, he was gifted with a pair of fox ears and a fluffy fox tail which have the same color as his hair. He always look as if he is pouting all the time but the truth is, he is trying to hide his fangs from sticking out. Also, his feature might be very girly, but his voice is surprisingly very manly which help him a lot when he is mistaken as a girl.
Even though his tail and ears are fluffy and have a pretty color, he rarely shows them to anyone since he always hide them in a hoodie and long coat when he went outside. The reason is simply because he wants to look more human. The only time where you can see or maybe touch his tail and ears is at the school. He feels more free and relax in there so he doesn't really mind to wear outfit that showed his hybrid gift.

Distinctive signs:
Red fox tail and ears | Blue eyes | Long red hair


Born as a hybrid and lived far from the village made him become a very shy person when he meet another people for the first time. He won't say anything unless you ask something beside yes or no question which he could answer with nodding or shaking his head. But he is actually a very curious person that like to explore and learn anything new -which is the reason why he left his home and come to the academy-. And once he is curious to something or some person, he will sticked to them until he learnt a lot from them. But do not worry if he sticks to you since maybe you won't even realize that he is there because he is really good at hiding and stalking also as mentioned before, he won't say anything unless it's necessary.

Ever since he was born, Frey never really talk to other person except his family. It has become a rule in his family to always careful to other species, even to another hybrid. But he always feel that it's wrong to keep hiding and being scared to other higher species. Maybe they weren't a real living being since someone create them from experiment, but hey, their species are actually more special than a human. They are combination of human and animals right? which means more ability, more strength, more in everything. That was what Frey always think and he wanted to prove it. He wanted to prove that his species are not the lowest rank living being. And that's why he left his home and went to the academy to learnt everything about the world and maybe someday, prove that his species can do more than what people thought.



How did you find the forum?It's a secret! Kidding, from the admin <3
Anything to add?Sorry if my English is bad.. ;;

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Frey Raposa-Vermelha[ACCEPTED]
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