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 Marekh "of the Horse Mill" Thunderhooves [ACCEPTED]

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PostSubject: Marekh "of the Horse Mill" Thunderhooves [ACCEPTED]   27/2/2017, 02:31

Character Profile

Marekh "of the Horse Mill" Thunderhooves
The Black Farrier


Age:11 (centaur equivalent of human 22-28yo)
Sexual Orientation:Undisclosed

Job:Farrier, Hostler, Metal Mender
Social Class:Lower Class
Magic use:Unheard of
Religion/Main god:The Forester, occasionally mentions other gods through jokes or swearing.


As for most centaurs, Marekh displays the typical muscular tone of who spent most of their life out in the countryside and is no stranger to strong physical work. Yet, he does not have, unlike his peers, many scars, bruises or other signs of a hardened fighter, as he personally preferred the tranquility of solitude and calm activites over the brawling and fighting which is most popular among centaurs as a species. This has helped him grow in a most healthy figure, which combined with a certain degree of narcissism and self-care has granted him rather appealing looks which are uncommonly found in male centaurs, as they prefer to attract their mates through displays of power and speed over appearance. His hair is black and wavy in the same manner as his tail, and would feel coarser to the touch than human hair (much like horse hair).

Due to the centaurs' faster growth rate, his male upper body shows the figure of a man in his mid-to-late twenties, while his horse body is that of a Fresian horse, with short black fur and long black hair at the tail and legs. His eyes are also black.

Born and raised in the countryside, Marekh is hardly seen wearing more than a leather gilet on mid-season days, and a fur in the winter. Other centaurs may have found interest in adorning themselves with human clothes, maybe even confectioning blankets and drapes for their coats, but that does not seem to have ever struck Marekh's interest for himself.

He likes to keep his body mostly shaven, not letting his beard or chest hair grow to the point it becomes noticeable. Taking care of this year by year, he has at this point stunted its growth by a great degree, so he doesn't have to do it more than on a bi-weekly basis.

Distinctive signs:
Fresian horse body~ Shaven face and chest~ Doesn't wear much


Marekh is a man of a simple mind and even simpler words. You will rarely find someone with mixed feelings about him; he's the type of guy you like or really have a strong distaste for. With an odd swing of attitude that makes him reserved but also pretty outspoken at times, he can be confusing and sometimes hard to understand. He seems to keep to himself for the most part, not really spending his time for leisure with others unless asked (and he typically isn't), and the poor reputation of his family name tends to enforce that. When he founds something that drives his passion however, he can become stubborn and almost terrifyingly determined to get his way with things. He seems to have a strong distrust for the merfolk, mostly attributed to the centaurs' poor ability to move in the water.

Overall, Marekh shows a very selective curiosity and care for things, focusing more on what is of interest and keeping a distant or careless stance over what isn't. This seems to apply to his memory too, which often causes fights between him and other people. Thankfully, he is very interested in his job, so forgetting about his customers isn't a risk.

Lastly, like most of people from the countryside, he is prone to acting before speaking, and sometimes even before thinking. While preserving the general closed mind of the lower class, he seems to have a certain progressive spirit with himself, probably inherited by the culture of freed slaves within his species.

Marekh is a Fresian centaur, a lineage that his family (until recently) was careful to keep pure through strict selection of fellow Fresian centaurs as their mates, and because of this strictness it is no wonder that Marekh has no herd to call a family, left with only a brother and a lame father, plus an aunt and uncle he never personally met himself.

It is said that one old ancestor of his, Amnaf Corngrinder, was a slave centaur who spent most of his life pulling the millstone of a horse mill to produce flour. His job, to pull the millstone with his body in a very small circle inside the mill, was said to be so boring and mindless that the centaur had taken to learn reading thanks to the books gifted by his benevolent master. By the time he was too old to work, Amnaf was one of the most cultured centaurs of his herd. This gave Marekh's family a certain degree of luster, which was gradually dulled down by embarrassing and sometimes outright unlawful members over the generations that followed his ancestor. It is a running joke now that the Thunderhooves are so good at nothing, pulling a stonemill may as well be the only job they're cut for.

As for their last name, that came around from his grand-father, a centaur with hooves so big people claim their sound was often mistaken for rumbling thunders in the distance.

Marekh had a rather easy childhood, spoiled by his mother and preferring to keep away from the brutal games of his peers, he preferred to explore around the countryside alone over racing or brawling. After his brother, 3 years younger, came to be, his life quickly turned from the priviledged lone childhood he had to that of the older brother always getting his sibling out of trouble. Years later and now adults, this role seems to have stuck with him much to his demise. With their father now lame from overworking himself in the fields, their mother on deathbedding requested that Marekh took care of his brother, no matter the costs.

And quite the costs there were. Though Marekh had once been a much appreciated stablekeeper, since rumors started spreading of his brother undertaking intercourse with the beasts under Marekh's care (horses, but some of the nastier gossip include donkeys and cows too...), almost nobody trusts the centaur to keep any animal at all. Marekh is thus forced to get by with small jobs of metal mending and home horseshoeing service...


Nickname:KJ (Or Chiara)
Age:28 (7th May 1988)

How did you find the forum?Maple invited me to give it a try~
Anything to add?I'll add the picture in a week, it says I can't right now.

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Marekh "of the Horse Mill" Thunderhooves [ACCEPTED]
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